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The solution

Work with our Tech Hunters who will find the adequate resource to carry out your project.
With a technology background, our Tech Hunters are all experts in a field (ERP / Decisional, BI, e-commerce, IoT, Big Data, DevOPS …) with an in-depth knowledge of the digital market and agility.
We speak the same language as our candidates whether in French, English or sign language. But also commonly Python, Symfony or Javascript.
Through our presence on social networks and co-optation actions, our attractiveness makes it possible to detect the talents that our startups partners, big accounts compete for..

We find !

Once your need is defined, our work of research and selection, with our 15 years experience and the network woven at local and international levels, allows us to always find the missing resource. IF so many startup players, pureplayers, big groups already trust us why not you?

Simply fill out the form below specifying your research or the purpose of the assignment and one of our Tech Hunters will contact you probably having already found this talent, such as true mentalist recruitment . If you also have a talent to propose and co-opt, indicate it in this same form.

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