Architecte Infras IT (ARCHIVE)

  • Localisation: Marseille
  • Métier: Architecte
  • Type de contrat: CDI
  • Salaire: 65-80
  • Type d'entreprise: Grand compte
  • Compétences: #Architecte #IT

Description de poste

ref: 05122019 / Infrastructure Architect

CDI, Mission en régie chez le client, grand groupe de transport.

Position Summary

The IT Terminal Infrastructure Architect is responsible for the overall terminal architecture and is therefore
responsible for and involved in all project phases: design, development, implementation and ongoing
support. He provides technical expertise and architectural solutions in various fields such as:
Infrastructure, datacenter, hardware, hosting service, cloud, security and network areas.

• Responsible for complete Terminals infrastructure design, systems analysis, security, data center
operation, network & voice communication.
o Acts as expert for infrastructure teams in the plan, design, and delivery of IT solutions.
o Conducts end-to-end technical plan design
o Design and develop infrastructure blueprints for the implementation of new solutions.
o Responsible for impact analysis and design modifications to existing systems to support new
o You manage each of your subjects, whether minor or major, as a real project and you master
the following points: Planning, budget, risk management, major decisions, problems, action plan,
• Conduct active architecture market monitoring, promote standards and advise the IT Terminals team
and terminals on the standard requirements, methodology and processes.
o Drives short & long term architecture strategy for the overall IT project portfolio for key
business segments
o Participates in proof of concepts to assist in defining technology direction and enabling
business strategy
o Support, communicates and validates architecture program with project management team
o Develops enterprise standards to ensure compatibility and integration of multi-vendor
o Maintain a common documentation library of standardized procedures and configurations
• Help the entire team and terminal actors in general to build reliable and viable projects.
o Participate in RFI and/or RFP processes. Build project specification and requirement, evaluate
response from vendors and present decision paper to Business and Terminal IT managers
o Communicate and collaborate with regional IT staff as well as colleagues in other parts of the
world about business software.
o Build and share IT budget with Business department, Regional leaders and local teams
(Terminal IT managers).
o Provide third level support for incidents and problems in designated areas of expertise.

Qualification and
Required Education
• Education: Bac+3 (DUT) ou Master (Computer science, IT architecture school, etc.)
Required Experience
• 10+ years’ experience in a production IT environment managing enterprise IT infrastructure,
hardware, Industrial IT, IoT, CCTV, hosting service and network areas.
• Ability to write architectural design documents or review design documents provided by others
• Knowledge and understanding of industry trends and new technologies and ability to apply trends to
architectural needs.
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Must have a thorough knowledge of the Windows concepts, Domains, Active Directory and its
concepts, and the interaction between hardware, operating systems, network, data center, and
application software.
• Skilled to use Linux redhat, ubuntu and other distrib.
• Strong working knowledge of VMware or other virtual software
• Deep understanding of TCP, IP, HTTP and other network protocols, Firewalling, DNS, DHCP and other
network services.
• Skills in development (python, vba, javascript) for SDN, infrastructure automation with API.
• Knowledge of storage solution, high availability, backup solution, SAN and NAS.
• Knowledge of Cisco network and voice gears and technologies, CCNA(P)is a highly expected.
• Knowledge of managing a data center in terms of systems monitoring (DCIM), Cooling, UPS, capacity
planning and performance tuning.
• Knowledge of cabling specification, cabinet, floor plan, power constraints, antenna, CCTV, IoT and
• Practice security review on several firewall brand with different security architecture for Paloalto,
Fortinet and Cisco.
• Cyber security knowledge and skill to perform basic audit and propose remediation.
• Ability to operate in industrial environment and appropriately bring the latest proven technology for
long term investment.
• Capability to work with people in different time zones